Rug Pads

Rug pads can be a useful way of protecting your oriental rug and flooring. Rug pads act as a buffer between the flooring and the rug. There are different types that are designed for different types of flooring. Rug pads resist pressure and stress to avoid premature wear and damage to oriental rugs. They are offered in a variety of sizes to best fit your rug.

Using rug pads can help protect your oriental rug from wear and damage, improves comfort, and prevents the rug from sliding. The proper rug pad can increase the lifespan of any oriental rug. There are several reasons as to why using rug pads can be beneficial.


The rug and flooring are kept safe. Rug pads act are made to stick to both the rug and floor, and act as a buffer between the two, preventing sliding, slipping, and catching of the oriental rug.


Rug pads can prevent dyes from transferring onto your flooring. They prevent the rugs from scratching, defacing, and discoloring floors.


Rug pads can extend the life of your rug and flooring. It prevents rug fibers from being damaged or destroyed, and protects the floor beneath from buildup and stains.


Using a pad adds a cushion between the carpet and flooring and can help absorb noise.


The pad makes it easier to vacuum the rug by allowing airflow between the ridges and bumps. It also can stop any spills from getting onto the flooring beneath the rug and damaging it.

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