Pashgian Brothers Rug Repair - Rug Cleaning
Pashgian Brothers Rug Repair - Rug Cleaning
Pashgian Brothers Rug Repair - Rug Cleaning
Pashgian Brothers Rug Repair - Rug Cleaning

Pashgian Brothers - 993 E Colorado Blvd - Pasadena, CA 91106

Established in 1889, Pashgian Brothers is one of the largest and oldest oriental rug stores in the West Coast and has been a source for high quality, handcrafted traditional, modern, custom design, and signature antique rugs. With over 130 years of experience, the company has become a maven for designers, collectors, and enthusiasts. For over a century and two decades, the company has been widely known for providing a huge selection of rugs and top-notch services such as appraisals, cleaning, and repairs. Read more...


Quality oriental rugs help add an element of class, sophistication and charm to any room. They are a centerpiece for your floor that brings more dimension and comfort to your home. If you’re looking for a rugstore near me, look no further than Pashgian Brothers, a company with exceptional expertise and passion for Oriental rugs that has been in Pasadena for more than 130 years.

Want to find Oriental rugs for sale, rug cleaning near me or rug repair near me? You’ve come to the right place with Pashgian Brothers. They have a vast selection of Persian rugs for sale in an incredible variety of styles, patterns, colors and sizes to suit your needs and tastes. An Oriental rug is an investment for your home, much like a painting. It’s unique and special, not like the mass-produced rugs you’ll find at department stores and chains. Their cost is reflective of the effort put in to create them and the stunning beauty of each is one that will help unite your décor.

Essentially, Oriental rugs are a work of art for your floors and should be treated as such. Pashgian Brothers know so well what perfectly captures an era that they are constantly relied upon by the movie industry for providing old antique rugs for movie sets. Local designers also count on Pashgian Brothers to help find the perfect antique Persian rugs to decorate their clients’ homes with, coordinating effortlessly with the selected color scheme to bring harmony and panache to these personal spaces.

Pashgian Brothers has extensive knowledge about Oriental rugs as it’s been their family business since 1889. Keeping up with traditions and carrying authentic items while caring for them in the time-honored ways is important here, and something you’ll discover when you purchase a new Oriental rug for your home or you’re looking to have one you already own professionally cleaned or repaired. Unlike ordinary carpets, Oriental rugs are extraordinary furnishings that require an expert touch. When you need expert care for your Oriental rug, Pashgian Brothers is there.

Do you have an Oriental rug that needs cleaning? Pashgian Brothers cleans rugs in the old traditional way just as they do it Iran to preserve the rug’s integrity and colors so it won’t look worn. Does your Oriental rug need repair? Pashgian Brothers can help by making it look brand new again. You’ll never know it was damaged. They take their time to recreate the missing wool and coloring by using authentic and traditional methods with natural colors.

For rugs in Pasadena and rugs in Los Angeles, Pashgian Brothers has it all. They also provide estimates and certifications for your rugs as part of your estate and help insure them so that in the event of theft or damage, you’ll be covered.

Why go anywhere else? Pashgian Brothers are the family-owned and traditional rug shop for you! Shop the best selection of rugs USA at the ultimate rug studio for antique Persian rugs at Pashgian Brothers and get all the Oriental rug care and repair you need to protect your investment in a stunning Oriental rug for your home!

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