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The owner of Pashgian Brothers, Mr. David Mehraban is an ASA certified appraiser who is qualified to provide expert rug appraisal services. Knowing and keeping a record of the value of antique rugs is essential in the protection and handling of the rug.

What is an ASA certified appraiser?

An ASA certified appraiser is qualified to perform professional appraisals, according to the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), located in the united states (US). ASA is a known organization dedicated to the professionalism and quality of appraisals. Gaining and maintaining certification through ASA validates one’s ability to provide expert appraisal services.

What is an appraisal?

A valuation of property. A professional appraiser, as designated by ASA, can analyze, evaluate, and research any kind of property and give their opinion of its value at the time of appraisal. An appraiser must develop a complete report for their clients regarding the value of the property. This process requires professional experience, knowledge, and judgment skills to provide an accurate and rational appraisal.

You may be asking…

Why it is important to get appraisal:

Getting your rug appraised and keeping relevant certification regarding its value is important for the protection and handling of your rug. Everyone should have their rug appraisal as it is useful in a variety of situations such as:

Selling and buying purposes

Whether you are selling or buying a rug, it is a good thing to know what different rugs are valued at for record keeping. Have you found a rug you like? Get it professionally appraised to find out its value. Do you want to sell your rug? Get it appraised to see how much it is worth!

Inheritance of antique rugs

Have you or a family member inherited an antique rug? Are you curious about its value (i.e. how much it is worth)? Even if you are not interested in selling it, there are other reasons that an appraisal is essential for the protection of the rug.

In case of theft and for insurance claims

If your antique rug is lost or stolen, it is vital that you know how much the rug was valued at. A professional appraisal, as well as the appropriate paperwork/certification, can help when it comes to insurance claims and reports.

How do I get my rug appraised?

Your rug can be appraised by a reliable ASA certified appraiser. For questions regarding high-quality appraisal services, please call Pashgian Brothers at:

(626) 796-7888