When it comes to antique rugs, Pashgian Brothers provides a huge collection of genuine oriental rugs and carpets in the U.S that suit all style, color, and design preferences. Whether you favor a rug for a larger room or only a small area rug, Pashgian Brothers can help you find the perfect fit for you. Oriental rugs are known for the extensive assortment of beautiful styles that they are offered in while Persian rugs are oriental rugs that are of the more expensive, high quality, and most searched for.

Oriental Rugs are commonly rugs from the east, primarily Asia.

Antique Persian Rugs are intricate and beautiful oriental rugs that stand out due to their unique features. Their knot patterns and detailed designs make them an exceptional piece of art. Genuine Persian rugs are made of many color palettes and styles, but golds, blues, and reds are common schemes of choice, representing wealth, joy, and power. Persian rugs are charming, mysterious, timeless and undeniably excellent additions to any area.

Antique Persian Rugs are the prime, most desired, most diverse group of oriental rugs. They are complex crafts with intense design and pattern work. The elaborate design is an important aspect of the rug as each section may reflect a specific meaning or story. To understand the elements of the rug, one must understand the design, creation, value, and origin of its making.

Pashgian Brothers offers an extensive inventory of authentic antique oriental and Persian rugs in California. Whether you are searching for a formal, specific colors, large, or small rug – we can assist you in your journey.

We can also assist with cleaning, repair, and appraisal services.

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