Rug Buying Tips

Purchasing authentic oriental rugs can be a great experience if you know what to look for. Pashgian Brothers has sold high quality, handcrafted, traditional, modern, custom design, and signature antique rugs in the USA for over 120 years. Allow them to assist you in purchasing your first, or next rug!

Consider What You Want in an Oriental Rug

Firstly, know what color scheme would suit you and the area you plan to decorate. Consider the size and placement of the rug in comparison to other furniture and the size of the room. Measure the space and dimensions of the room to determine what size rug would be best. Take couple of pictures of the room and bring it to the store.

Do you prefer modern or antique rugs?

Focus on your favorite or preferred designs and styles. Purchase the rug because you love the way it is designed!

What to Search For 

Generally, the price of a charming oriental rug depends on the origin, quality, age, condition, and decorative layout.

Not sure what to ask?

Ask what the rugs are made of and how they were created. Inquiry about the design and creation of the rug, where it came from, and how long ago it was made. Determine durability of the rug by checking the knots to see how tightly packed they are. The more density between the knots, the sturdier the rug is.

After you've have looked at numerous rugs, you will begin to notice what styles are your favorite. Learn what they are and get to know their common pricing ranges. This will help you decide on what type of rug to buy and determine how much it may cost. Oriental rugs for sale are located around the world, and you want to be sure that you are getting a high quality, genuine oriental rug.

Preferably you want to shop from a business that is reputable. These businesses have been running for several years and are trustworthy authentic rug dealers. Genuine rug professionals will share their knowledge with you and help you with all your rug needs. They are willing to show you what is available in their shop and assist you in choosing a rug you’ll love. Don’t be fooled by people offering oriental rugs at too good to be true prices. If it sounds that way, it probably is.

Pashgian Brothers has been in business for over 120 years, owns a rug studio on the West Coast, and maintains a vast selection of oriental rugs for sale as well as top-notch services such as rug appraisals, rug cleaning, and rug repairs. Contact us today for rug buying tips, or if you have any other questions at: 626-498-8996